A Simple Calendar & Todo-list

I am Simple.

I am Smart.

I am Free.

What I Have


Simplest tools

Smartest view

Ideal process


Simplest use

I am the easiest tool to manage your daily, monthly & yearly calendar. I am not a email organizer, just a calendar. With all optimized tools you need, I am smart and enough for a businessman, a casual person, a student or eventmaker. With main software (me), my widgets and my back services, I’m a complete tool.


Smart & Cool

I have 4 widgets.

Calendar widget for Business lovers & longterm approachers,

Flow widget for near time monitoring,

Coming Events for smartly listing,

And a tiny powerful Fast widget, where all able operations can be done with simple clicks.

You can customize colors of widgets with 1 click.


Easy Access

Bored from standard use? Tap to microphone icon on your Fast Widget, and talk. When your talk is over, your note or activity will be ready for save.

Bored of a standard alarm, choose your alarm type and make it speak for you when alarm time comes.

With mostly 2-3 taps, you can save an activity easily.


Shape your activity

I am a software, you are a human. So I am thinkful about your colourful lives and different activity types.

What I’ve learned from humanity, you give importance to all simple activities and categorize them.

You do this, and I do this, too.

Categorize your activities.


I can repeat for you

Like all people, you have recurring events, don’t you?

Save it as repeater, choose weekdays, month days and set alarm to your specified time before.

Monitor them by widgets & me.

What I Need

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Calendar Widget

You can monitor your monthly activities by this widgets, also previous and next months. Activity types differs in iconic level, that gives an idea about weekly events. You can add new activity with plus button, search with activity content and change widget color.


Flow Widget

See your week and drag if you want more, tap to sport event and remember where you’re jogging to.


Coming Events & Fast Widget

Upper widget is Coming Events widget, a classic listview of current month’s activities. Suitable for plain-lovers.

That tiny one below, is Fast Widget, tapping options where goes to mydoid main program, new activity addition, adding with speaking and search part.

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